Tenant Manual

Moving In & Out
Tenant’s moving company must furnish all supervision, labor, materials, supplies, and equipment necessary to perform the contemplated services. Such equipment shall include, but is not limited to, protective wall/floor coverings, dollies, cartons and boxes, trucks, etc., as may be required. All material-handling vehicles used inside the building must be equipped with rubber-tired wheels and must be free of grease and dirt.

Tenant’s moving company must have a supervisor at the Building at all times during the move and must take all reasonable measures to minimize any disruptions to other Tenants.

Detailed Moving In and Out Rules and Procedures include specific requirements for crating, padding and packing material, hours of the move, insurance and post-move clean up.


Moving company, at its own expense, must obtain and maintain all necessary insurance, permits, franchises, licenses or other lawful authority required to effect the move and any other services to be performed. Moving company must produce evidence of such authorities to Building Management at least 48 hours in advance of the move.

Tenant and Building Management must jointly sign the Tenant Improvement Items to Remain form upon completion of the move in and out.

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