Tenant Manual

Elevator Procedure
All personnel authorized by the Tenant to access the suite after hours must possess an Access Card that is programmed for building and elevator access.

After business hours and on weekends and holidays, two low-rise elevators, two high-rise elevators, and one Lindbrook parking elevator are in service and operate only with the use of an appropriately programmed Access Card. The VIP parking elevator is always in security mode and requires the use of an Access Card at all times.

Tenants entering the Building after hours are able to activate the elevators only to their floor(s). The card reader is located on the wood panel inside the elevator cab, to the right of the bronze return panel. Present the Access Card to the reader and press the elevator button for your floor. No card is required to return to the main lobby from an upper floor.

The Lobby Attendant is available to anyone who requires assistance. In the event that an employee does not have an Access Card in their possession, the Attendant will verify that the employee is an Authorized User and grant elevator access accordingly. If an employee’s name is not included in the Attendant’s list, access will be denied. For this reason, it is essential that Building Management has current employee access status.