Tenant Manual

Contractor/Repair Technician Access
CENTER WEST’s main telephone room and the telephone closets located on each floor are locked at all times.

Building Management must be advised, at least one day in advance, when the telephone company or telephone vendors require access to telephone equipment and/or when other contractors will be in the building and require access. Please provide written notice to Building Management including the name of the vendor or contractor, the nature of the work to be performed, and the date and time of service so work can be coordinated and Security informed of impending visits.

The contractor must supply Building Management with an original Certificate of Insurance.

After Management has been apprised of the nature of the work and has approved the request, the necessary access will be arranged. In addition, all vendors are required to sign the security log at the security console upon entering and exiting the Building.

Note: In the absence of appropriate approvals and authorization from Building Management, requests for access to secured areas of the Building may be denied.