Tenant Manual

Keys and Cards
Installation and repair of all door hardware and locks are handled by the Building’s on-site engineering staff. If repairs are needed, or if the locks must be changed, Tenant must contact Building Management. No locksmith or other vendor or contractor is permitted to perform any type of service on door hardware unless contracted directly by Building Management.

Suite keys are provided prior to occupancy. If additional keys are required, a written request printed on the Tenant’s letterhead and signed by an individual authorized by the tenant must be submitted to Building Management. A charge for the keys will appear on the next monthly rent statement. Under no circumstances are keys to be duplicated by anyone other than CENTER WEST personnel.

Click here to download a Key Receipt form for suite and mailbox keys.
Click here to download an Access Card Application.

NOTE: Use of an Access Card by an individual other than the person to whom it is issued is strictly prohibited. Lending or borrowing Access Cards could result in the loss of access privileges to the card holder.

Without appropriate approvals and authorization from Building Management, requests for access to secured areas of the Building may be denied.

Please note that the card access system restricts entry access only and does not restrict an individual from exiting the Building.

To gain access at a secured point of entry, or to use elevators during non-business hours, present the Access Card to the card reader, which is identified by a small red beam in the elevators, a marker mounted on the wall (lobby entrance), or a square black plastic panel (parking garages, freight elevator and loading dock access from the building). Access Card readers are mounted on posts at each point of entry/exit. In the event an Access Card is lost or stolen, Building Management must be notified immediately. The loss of an Access Card creates a serious security problem, and the card must be cancelled immediately. If an Authorized User leaves your employ, please notify Building Management to cancel or transfer the Access Card to another employee. Failure to inform Building Management to deactivate a card issued to a terminated employee not only puts your company at risk, but it compromises the integrity of CENTER WEST’s security as well. Access to the Building and parking facilities is granted or denied on the basis of the status of the card and the individual for whom it is programmed.

Please advise your staff that their Access Card should be in their possession at all times before, during and after business hours.