Tenant Manual

Loading Dock
The CENTER WEST loading dock is located at the rear of the Building and is accessible from Lindbrook Drive. It is not visible from the street, so the Tenant may be required to provide directions to couriers and delivery personnel unfamiliar with the Building. From Wilshire Boulevard, turn north onto Glendon then east onto Lindbrook. Pass the Lindbrook Parking Garage entrance and turn right into the alley.

The weather-protected dock provides a 16-foot clear height and is available for use by all Tenants. From the dock, a dedicated, oversized freight elevator that reaches all floors in the Building is accessible. Retail spaces are serviced by a rear service entrance at the loading dock.

The following rules of the Building pertaining to deliveries and delivery personnel must be observed by all Tenants:

  • Transportation of food, beverages, food containers, etc. on any passenger elevator (low-rise, high-rise, Lindbrook or VIP parking shuttle elevators), except for individual personal consumption, is strictly prohibited. Transportation of any such food items shall be via the freight elevator. There are no exceptions.
  • No items or materials, (including, but not limited to artwork, furniture, equipment, storage boxes, etc.) may be delivered to or removed from the premises without written uthorization from an appropriate Tenant representative. Such movement must be scheduled in advance with Building Management during normal business hours.
  • All deliveries and pick-ups shall be executed via the Building’s loading dock. For pick-ups or deliveries of large items, a current Certificate of Insurance from the moving or delivery company must be on file in the Building Management office. The certificate must list additional insureds as required by Building Management.

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